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High quality cosmetics at the right price

TwistBe is a global online shop and store in Helsinki, Finland that specializes in holistic, high-performance skincare. Our product range includes everything that affects your skin's well-being: cosmetics, skincare supplements, beauty foods and household products. You can find products for women, men and children with worldwide shipping!

TwistBe was founded by three Finnish women and mothers that have degrees in skin biology, cosmetic manufacturing and economics. Our product selection has been carefully curated based on our collective expertise in all things skincare.

We know what the skin needs and which ingredients fulfill those needs, and this has been the basis for everything we offer. However you define “green beauty” - clean, toxin-free, natural, organic - TwistBe ticks all the boxes.

We believe skincare should be simple, straightforward and affordable.

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Why should you choose TwistBe?

At the end of the day, no one knows your skin better than you do. This is why our mission is to give YOU the power to take control of your skincare, and make sure you don’t waste money on products you don’t need and don’t do what they promise.

Using high-quality products, taking good care of your skin and going green doesn’t have to break the bank, and it doesn’t have to be complicated either.

We see it like this: As soon as you start understanding the ingredients for cooking, you start making better meals. The same goes for cosmetics! It’s easier to make better choices when you understand what you’re doing.

TwistBe is like the grocery store that only sells healthy foods that also taste good. So, if you don’t have time to search for high quality products, TwistBe does the work for you.

We are not just an online store
We are not just business owners
We've done the research
We practise what we preach
And we believe in a new approach to skincare that everyone can adopt and afford

We are transparent, honest and on your side


Our story

TwistBe is an abbreviation from the words “The Way It’s Supposed to Be”. We chose this name because it reflects everything we offer at TwistBe: products that are clean, honest, efficient and fresh. That’s how skincare is supposed to be.

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